25 soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 9 Invitation pilihan ganda dan kunci jawaban

Disini saya membuat 25 soal untuk materi Invitation pilihan ganda beserta kunci jawabannya untuk kelas 9.

Contoh soal pilihan ganda Invitation untuk kelas 9 (1st)

Choose the correct answer either a, b, c or d!

The illustration below is for question no.1-4
1.       The tittle of the event above is____________________________________________________
a.       The bussines and education computer show of the decade
b.       Radio shack TRS-80 EXPO ’80
c.       1778 Room Host Inn Route 283 and 441
d.       Show at 12:30, 2:00, 5:00, 6:30 and 8:00 PM

2.       The event will be held on_________________________________________________________
a.       1776 Roo, Host Inn                                                          c. Expo ‘80
b.       Tuesday, June 24th                                                                        d. Route 283 and 441

3.       What kind of text is the text above? _______________________________________________
a.       Label                                                                                   c. announcement
b.       Instruction                                                                           d. Invitation

4.       Where will the event take place?___________________________________________________
a.       1776 room, Host Inn                                                            c. Radio shack
b.       Tuesday, June 24th                                                               d. Expo ’80

The illustration below is for question no.5-11

5.       The tittle of the event is_______________________________________________________
a.       Beechtown County                                                                 c. Celebrate our town’s heritage
b.       Foundation day Gala                                                               d. June 1, 2020

6.       Who should be contacted to join the event?___________________________________________
a.       Beechtown County                                                                 c. Town’s heritage
b.       Foundation day gala                                                                d. Richard

7.       The purpose of the event is________________________________________________________
a.       To invites you                                                                    c. To Richard
b.       To celebrate town’s heritage                                              d. To Foundation

8.       The event will be take place at _____________________________________________________
a.       Beechtown hall                                                                    c. June 1, 2020
b.       Richard                                                                                d. (123) 456-7890

9.       The date of the event will be ______________________________________________________
a.       Beechtown Hall                                                                   c. June 1, 2020
b.       Town’s heritage                                                                   d. (123) 456-7890

10.   RSVP means________________________________________________________________
a.       The Major                                                                       c. The Contact person
b.       The event organizer                                                        d. The Beechtown

11.   The event invitee is _____________________________________________________________
a.       Fondation                                                                         c. Richard
b.       Day Gala                                                                          d.Beechtown county

The illustration below is for question no.12-15

12.   The illustration is an invitation is to _________________________________________________
a.       A Children’s party                                                                c. A barbeque party
b.       A Fire party                                                                          d. Smith’s party

13.   The event will be held at__________________________________________________________
a.       The grill and chill                                                       c. Sunday May 27, 2018
b.       The Smith’s family farm                                            d. 3 p.m

14.   The event will be held on_________________________________________________________
a.       The Smith’s family farm                                             c. 546 Oakwood street
b.       Sunday May 27, 2018                                                 d. 3 p.m

15.   “The grill will be fired at 3 p.m” the closest mean for the sentence is______________________
a.       The event will be burn                                      c. The event will be start
b.       The event will be on fire                                   d. The event will be finish

 The illustration below is for question no.16-20

16.   What kind of text is the text in the illustration?________________________________________
a.       Invitation                                                                                  c. announcement
b.       Label                                                                                         d. Warning

17.   The tittle of the text is____________________________________________________________
a.       43th                                                                                             c.saturday
b.       A surprise                                                                                   d.RSVP

18.   The event will be held on________________________________________________________
a.       Ethan hunt                                                                   c. Alice
b.       43th                                                                             d. Saturday June 11

19.   The purpose of the text is_________________________________________________________
a.       To surprise people                                                        c.To invite river bite
b.       To invite people                                                            d. To surprise Alice

20.   The event will be held in_________________________________________________________
a.       Saturday                                                                           c.Ethan Hunt
b.       New York                                                                         d.43th

The illustration below is for question no.12-15

21.   The purpose of the invitation is to__________________________________________________
a.       Ask for marriage                                                      c. Ask for honour
b.       Ask for invitation                                                     d. Ask for presence

22.   The event will be held on_______________________________________________________
a.       Saturday May 18, 2020                                            c. Saturday May 80, 2020
b.       Saturday May 20, 1980                                           d. Saturday May 18, 2019

23.   The female bride in the wedding is__________________________________________________
a.       Mr. and Mrs Ahsan                                                  c.Fathimah
b.       Mr. and Mrs. Abdullah                                            d. Usamah

24.   The event invitee is____________________________________________________________
a.       Fathimah                                                                  c. Mr. and Mrs. Abdullah
b.       Usamah                                                                    d.. Mr. and Mrs. Ahsan

25.   The word ‘Marriage’ on the text means_____________________________________________
a.       Wedding ceremony                                          party

b.       Mosque celebration                                                  d.Daugher’s party

Itulah 25 soal pilihan ganda Bahasa inggris  materi Invitation untuk kelas 9.

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